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Five Amazing Ways Stress Balls Benefit You

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Stress is a prevalent problem across social circles and affects people from all walks of life. On the same note, stress balls have been lauded as a valuable tool for stress relief. They generally help relax and release tension. Although stress balls come in different shapes and sizes, they usually provide the same benefits to users.

Muscle tension sets in automatically when a person experiences stress. Squeezing a stress ball causes the muscles and nerves to contract and release. This action also induces a cascade of other responses across body systems, such as reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Consequently, one can achieve better control despite facing a stressful situation.

Although stress balls have extensively been used for and associated with stress and tension relief, new findings show that they have other benefits impacting different aspects of health.

A person pressing a stress ball with one hand

Help Refocus and Improve Concentration

Usually, a stressful moment increases tension and undermines your ability to focus. However, squeezing a stress ball helps release this tension, relax, and concentrate better on your work.

Generally, this action provides a brief escape from a current stressful situation, helping you refresh and refocus your mind on the task at hand. A stress ball is particularly helpful when tired and often keeps you moving, leading to greater productivity.

Lower blood pressure

Stress often raises your blood pressure. In particular, a stressful situation causes the body to produce specific hormones in elevated quantities. These hormones momentarily increase blood pressure because they make blood vessels constrict and the heart rate rise. However, squeezing a stress ball helps you relax and keep your blood pressure in control.

Boost the Functioning of the Nervous System

Stress balls further improve blood circulation. They can come in handy when you have a particular condition that impairs blood flow. Stress balls might also help improve blood circulation to the hand and other body parts when obesity, physical inactivity, or sedentary lifestyles impair blood flow.

Stress ball hand exercises boost blood flow through various mechanisms. As noted, stress induces blood vessel constriction and the release of hormones that negatively impact blood flow. However, squeezing a stress ball enhances blood circulation by helping relax muscles and relieve stress.

Enhance Blood Circulation 

The squeezing action plays a significant role in improving the functioning of the nervous system. It particularly stimulates the wrist, finger, and general hand nerves that connect directly to the brain.

At the same time, squeezing a stress ball strengthens hand muscles and boosts their interaction with the central nervous system. As a result, stress balls can help in rehabilitation following an injury affecting critical hands or fingers muscles and nerves.

Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Stress balls can also help manage arthritis. Squeezing particularly increases hand and finger strength when a person exercises with a stress ball. It also improves flexibility, with significant implications for arthritic pain relief. Arthritis patients can utilize the palm press, the full grip, the finger grip, and roll to and fro ball exercises to improve strength and flexibility for better outcomes.

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