1. Add honey 

Adding honey to crushed raw garlic soothes the mouth and masks the spicy and pungent taste. 

2. Take cold milk 

Taking cold milk soothes the mouth's inner lining and neutralizes the compound responsible for the burning sensation. 

3. Add raw garlic to water 

Adding crushed raw garlic to water dilutes allicin, the chemical substance that burns your mouth and throat. 

4. Add to salads, dips, or sauces

Adding crush or pressed raw garlic to salads, dips, or sauces can mask the pungent taste and help reduce burning. 

5. Add to yogurt

Adding raw garlic to yogurt can provide a new twist and reduce the burning sensation.

6. Add to a smoothie 

Adding raw garlic to smoothie dilutes allicin, protecting against garlic burns in your mouth and throat.